Johnny Logan:“I enjoy the process of buying in a shop“

„I support Record Store Week, because in an impersonal world they offer an alternative and because they for me are part of the pleasure of buying a CD.“ (Johnny Logan)

Johnny Logan (Foto: Jakob Lerche)
Johnny Logan (Foto: Jakob Lerche)

How important is the specialized trade for you in times of the Internet and MP3, as a musician as well as a customer and music fan?

For me very important. The whole process of going into a record store and looking around at the CDs. It’s what I’ve grown up with. I can’t imagine going into a web store to buy a guitar. Music shops for me are the same.

What meaning do record stores have for the music culture in general and for your music in particular?

The people who buy my CDs (not all) enjoy like me the process of buying in a shop. Some find internet shopping very impersonal. Like myself.

When and where did you buy your first records or CD’s and what memories do you connect with record stores?

I bought my first CDs in Ireland  in a record store and the people who worked there were an important part of the music or music and memory.

What are your current CD tips and which musicians and albums should not be missing from any CD shelve?

I love the Oldies, the Stones, Beatles, Marvin Gaye etc. Music of the 70’s and some of the 80’s. Nowadays I listen to James Morrison and others.